Piano courses for adults singapore

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July 8, 2019
piano courses for adults singapore

Its never too late to learn how to let your favourite music instrument become an extension of your personality and colour your life with the different shades of music. Choose from our variety of music courses designed with you in mind. These courses are conducted in groups, or individually for a more personal experience.

From black and white keys to the different colours of music, express yourself with the palette of piano sounds. Master the basic essential techniques through utilizing original course materials and a curriculum developed by yamaha music foundation, japan.

Offering piano lessons for adults and children! Beginner thru advanced lessons and free online piano lessons available! Pop, jazz, and classical! Experienced instructors and teachers for a rewarding piano class experience in singapore.

If you are looking for a dedicated piano teacher who can teach adult piano lessons, we can help you.

Piano lessons tailored to your needs, for adults and children in singapore. When it comes to musical instruments, piano courses have continued to be the top flight (alongside guitar, violin and keyboard) over the years.

Many people fail to recognize the importance of grasping the basics when it comes to learning piano. Mistakes that beginners make and does not correct in time before it becomes a habit will become a hindrance as they try to advance in the grades and level.

Sg piano music agency was formed in 2011 by a group of fun music lovers with the aim of helping you get started on your musical journey! With a team of over 500 dedicated and experienced piano teachers located all across singapore, we are confident in recommending you a suitable teacher for you or your child within 24 hours.

If you need to get away from work, but you are unable to find time for a holiday, then here is an alternate solution! If music is capable of soothing your soul, then you wont even have to think about going on a holiday to relax and relief stress. Singapore piano lessons is singapores leading piano teacher & student.

Abrsm is an international standard for measuring piano skill, musicianship, and musical theory. These exams are recognised by the ministry of education in singapore and can be used as admission criteria for local schools.

If you are looking for piano classes for your young budding maestro to enrol in, look no further than this gallery.