Percentage of adults with college degrees by state

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July 8, 2019
percentage of adults with college degrees by state

В  the survey does not measure graduation rates from a states high schools, rather, it measures the percentage of adult residents with a high school diploma. Overall, the percent of people with a high school degree (or higher) is highest in montana (93), and lowest in the u.

В  today, the administration released new numbers showing college attainment state-by-state based on census bureau data from 2009 to 2010. All told, the percentage of 25-34 year olds with some kind of postsecondary degree rose half a percentage point from 38.

В  to identify americas most and least educated states, 247 wall st. Reviewed the percentages of adults who have completed at least a bachelors degree in each state from the u. The percentage of adults who have completed at least high school or its equivalent also come from the 2015 acs.

В  below, check out the fifteen states that were found to have the lowest percentage of adults with college degrees -- and have the most work to do to achieve the big goal. Check out the chronicles interactive map to see just how far each state has to go.

What percentage of americans have a college degree? This graph shows the percentage of the u.

Census bureaus state-by-state rankings for adults with college degrees show ohio remains in the bottom third among states, but the buckeye state is moving up.

Highest percentage of adults with at least a high school education. The percentage of men who held a bach-elors degree or higher was not statistically different from the percentage of women.

Educational attainment by metro area in pennsylvania there are 37 metro areas that are fully or partially contained within pennsylvania (33 fully and 4 partially). This section compares all 37 of those to each other, pennsylvania, and other entities that contain or substantially overlap with pennsylvania.