Pearson longman books for adults

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July 8, 2019
pearson longman books for adults

Thats our inspiration, and the inspiration behind the products and services that youll find at pearson. When you choose pearson, you partner with a company that is committed to changing peoples lives through learning.

At pearson, we put the learner at the heart of everything because we are creating english courses that make a positive change to peoples lives. Ongoing research helps us stay up-to-date with the needs of adult learners so we can create the courses that help you fulfil their dreams.

Longman english language teaching is a leading educational publisher of quality resources for all ages and abilities across the curriculum, providing solutions for teachers and students. You can continue to use the 10-digit isbn to order any pearson longman title.

Pearson english readers are world-renowned stories rewritten for english learners. English learners of any age can enjoy and learn from reading, whatever their language level, as each series is graded to different levels.

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Teens and adults pearson english active readers and pearson english readers series offer an incredible range of popular titles and best-selling authors across a range of genres written for teenage and adult learners. Perfect to enjoy reading for pleasure, in or out of the classroom.

The learn to listen, listen to learn series prepares students for the rigors of academic classwork, helping them acquire the listening-comprehension and note-taking skills necessary for success. This series offers students valuable tips for getting the most from college lectures, including note-taking, organization of information, recognition of language cues, and acquisition of vocabulary.

Pearson english readers engage and motivate students as they enjoy reading books in language they can understand. With over 280 titles, the extensively researched grammar and vocabulary syllabuses work to improve language skills, while keeping the unique style and great storytelling of the original texts.

Pearson english secondary courses bring top quality content with authentic bbc material, thorough exam preparation and unique multimedia components. We want to inspire and motivate 21st century teenagers for success now and in the future.